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Olivia Henry

About me

Olivia (she/her/hers) is a media and cooperative advocate living in Sacramento. She recently completed a master’s degree in community development at UC Davis, and served as a graduate intern for University of California Cooperative Extension, the Sustainable Economies Law Center and The Mendocino Voice. Olivia previously worked as a consultant for The Listening Post Collective in support of community information projects in California’s Central Valley. She’s also served in communications, outreach and community engagement roles with the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism, KALW Public Radio, San Francisco Public Press, the Institute for Nonprofit News and Mother Jones.

Contact me

Please email me at You can also find me on Twitter and Linkedin.


Economic cooperation in news

I believe in a future in which more news organizations are owned and governed by the people who are closest to the work, especially workers, audiences and communities. In 2020 I organized a study group for people interested in learning about cooperative news organizations — this wiki has notes from the group, and I continue to update it with news articles and map entries. I explored questions about news ownership for my master's thesis at UC Davis. I also send out a monthly newsletter about broad-based stakeholder ownership of news.

Information needs and community media

I am inspired by the work of media justice and the vision of a “publicly owned and representative media that creates communities that are connected politically, culturally, and technologically.” In 2019, I worked with Internews and the Listening Post Collective to carry out an information needs assessment in Fresno and Tulare Counties; our team was curious about the many providers and channels people used to get meaningful news and information. This assessment supported the launch of two community media outlets, uSpark Valley and the Ivanhoe Sol.


1/11/2022 — Current — How CapRadio connected with rural audiences during the pandemic

12/10/2021 — UC Davis Community Development Graduate Group — Thesis: Community ownership of journalism and public goods

7/16/2021 — UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources — Cannabis and utilities hold potential for economic development, says UCCE specialist

6/21/2021 — UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources — Drought hurts urban farmers, too

5/11/2021 — Sustainable Economies Law Center — Definitions of employee ownership

4/22/2021 — UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources — For UC Climate Stewards, every day is Earth Day

11/13/2020 — The Mendocino Voice — The people who broke local journalism can’t be the ones to save it

1/24/2020 — Current — With a community fair, California’s CapRadio tests a new approach to local reporting

9/19/2019 — Internews — Fresno Information Ecosystem Assessment

1/31/2019 — Current — How ‘engaged’ radio journalism helped a community tackle suicide

9/26/2018 — USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism — Two community radio stations team up to tell an urban story as residents see it

9/24/2018 — CapRadio — Energy, Resolve After CapRadio’s Gathering On Rural Suicide

7/19/2018 — Center for New Democratic Processes — Crowdsourcing a treasure map to Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo

11/9/2017 — USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism — When the reporter becomes part of the story

11/7/2017 — The Fresno Bee — He tried to discredit a Bee reporter. Instead, he gave his critics a megaphone

1/17/2017 — The East Bay Express — To Donald Trump, From Bay Area Women: Essays For The 45th U.S. President

12/12/2013 — InvestigateWest — More than 100 Washington day cares dangerously close to pollution-clogged roadways

11/7/2013 — InvestigateWest — Officials in Olympia, D.C. ducked opportunities to protect students from traffic pollution

9/5/2013 — InvestigateWest — Exhaust, diesel fumes foul public schoolyards across Washington state

5/15/2013 — InvestigateWest — With focus on toxics, Duwamish cleanup could leave other health problems unsolved


12/1/2021 — Nonprofit Quarterly — What’s new in co-op media? Growing pains in the digital news co-op world

10/6/2021 — Knight Foundation — How creative ownership structures can help local news publishers stay local

7/12/2021 — Josh Wilson — Institutions or infrastructure? The real opportunity for online journalism and democracy

6/22/2021 — Media Nation — Are cooperatively owned news projects an idea whose time has finally come?

4/9/2021 — Local News Lab — Different kinds of ownership for new models of journalism

1/24/2021 — CapRadio — How to make (and celebrate) a podcast with a community

11/24/2020 — The Lenfest Institute — An update on The Membership Guide

10/3/2019 — Nieman Lab — 600 resident surveys, 8 listening sessions, and many needs: Conducting an info needs assessment in a rural area

8/7/2019 — Current — By tapping a community’s knowledge, ‘Lunch & Listen’ events can make your journalism better

2/20/2019 — KPCC — How KPCC turned to snail mail and email to reach new audiences

2/13/2019 — Nieman Lab — How Capital Public Radio covered a community’s high suicide rate (and developed a tool for residents to keep)

8/27/2018 — Listening Post Collective — Healthy engagement at USC Annenberg

9/14/2018 — Hearken — Engagement pros share tips on prioritizing their work: How to pour love into your passion projects without running dry

8/22/2016 — Columbia Journalism Review — Platform aimed at audience interaction generates story ideas, goodwill

1/20/2016 — KALW — KALW launches collaborative reporting project

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